Monday, October 23, 2017

Springfield of Dreams: "Homer at the Bat" Promo Clip

I haven't watch the Simpsons in five years I'll bet but I have to watch this retrospective documentary of that famous episode 'Homer At The Bat'.

Wonder Woman Battle Armor From Prince Armory

These guys do beautiful work. The leather and metal armor is beyond gorgeous and film quality. I want to see this on an actual person. If I was Gal Gadot I would buy this and put it in the atrium of my home in a glass case with my other WW costumes.


I Appreciate That My Arch Enemy Dresses This Way Whenever We Have An Encounter

She doesn't have to do it but she does it because she knows I like it and it's the only way I can pay attention long enough to hear all about her latest evil scheme. Oh and the patch is fake. She just likes to tell people that I shot out her eye with a crossbow bolt. I mean I COULD have made that shot on a moving train but I resent that she lies about my accomplishments. Only I am allowed to do that.


"What Do You Call The Mouse Shadow In The Second Moon?"


Marvel Heroes By Kirby


Gorgeous Triss Merigold Cosplay By Dzikan



Trump Dump



Oh Janice. Say it isn't so.


Stay Classy Buckaroo Banzai


The Justice Society of America by Alex Ross


Large Woman Sinks To Theme Of Titanic On Award Show

Because Sometimes You Just Need To Shock The Monkey

Mega Monday Monster Image Blizzard