Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I Have Many Questions As Should The Authorities

Teletubbies actor Simon Shelton Barnes, who played Tinky Winky, dies just days before 52nd birthday. Did Tinky Winky know too much? Was he ready to spill the beans about all the drug smuggling he did when the 'troop' toured South America and East Asia? Are the remaining Teletubbies in danger now? What dark secrets did he take to the grave?



Well the Oscars can just kiss my ass. This is such an oversight. FUCK YOU uptight Hollywood voters. I am broken hearted. Don't get me started on Hugh Jackman getting the snub for LOGAN. It's just wrong. There should be a catagory for these pop culture films because they will NEVER get their due. I knew this since ANNIE HALL beat STAR WARS for best picture. To this day I have never seen ANNIE HALL because of that. I don't watch the Oscars anymore since the Internet gave me the results the next day.



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